Au Revoir

She knew he was leaving. She mentally prepared her mind for it, as well as she could with the short notice of it all. She told herself it was only 12 weeks. They will have a lifetime together after. In 38 short days, he will be coming home briefly for their wedding.

She unintentionally began to let anxious thoughts slip into her head, even though she swore to herself she wouldn’t. She promised herself she would be strong and not put all of her walls back up to protect herself again. This girl is stubbornly independent, living by the motto, I’ve got this.

A year ago he had broken every wall. She trusted him, and he gave her every reason to. He never gave her any reason to doubt what an incredible man he was. Never gave her a reason to doubt how much in love with her he was.

With him leaving though, it was too much change for her. That was one thing she was bad at…


She had just gotten used to all of the new change in her life. Now life was being altered again.

Before he left, they had a beautiful weekend together that lingers in her memory.

One moment they were out wine tasting, and the next moment they were laughing on the kitchen floor.

“Why are we laying on the kitchen floor?” he had asked her. She just kept laughing uncontrollably because she could not figure out why either. Then they just held each other and got quiet because she had said, “I’m going to miss you so much.”

They just laid there on the kitchen floor silently aware of how much life was about to change for them.

A few tears started coming from their eyes, but she started laughing so hard again to make them go away.

Sunday morning came, and away he went. She handled it. She said her goodbyes and tried hard to not think about anything. She had the best day with her little guy. He always kept her busy and smiling.

Then Monday came. Monday was rough. Monday she began to miss him too much. On Monday she worried it might be too much for her to take on. On Monday she let her thoughts get the best of her. She already felt worried that he would change, that things would change between them. Her walls started climbing too high. She kept herself so busy with her little boy, laughing and having fun. Inside she felt lost though. Could she do this for 12 weeks? She saw his absence everywhere. Josh missed him too, and asked about him for the entire day.

Then he called her, and she heard his voice again. In that moment, hearing him speak, everything changed. He missed her too. She just needed to hear his voice. Their love could get them through anything. The walls slowly began to crumble again.


5 thoughts on “Au Revoir

  1. Stay strong! Where did he go? You got this, don’t let your mind get silly on you. YOU are in control, not your crazy thoughts! Think of it as special time for you and Josh before you all become one! 🙂

    • Thank you! He went to a police training academy for work in Champagne. It is for a different job, but still for DuPage. It is definitely a sweet, special time for Josh and I. I do love that part!!

  2. Oh man, you certainly have a knack for telling these stories. It could seriously make a series. I know it’s you but the way you tell it makes me feel like I am wrapped up in a fiction story and cheering for the characters. I’m cheering for you! Stay strong- I can tell from what little I know that this one is a keeper and this will make you guys stronger! 🙂

  3. A www Aimee this is such a sweet slice. I hope that you let him read it. You’ve got this. And if you ever feel like you need a pick me up, there are so many people that have your back. 💖

  4. I normally don’t comment on your slices… I read them, I embrace them and I love them. Some make me cry, some make me laugh, and some make me miss you even if you are right next to me. This one was so hard to read because I relived leaving Sunday morning all over again. The only thing I would add is “WE” got this.

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