My Angel

Grocery shopping is usually a bothersome task. I try to get through it as swiftly as possible. Taking a three year old only adds to the complexity of it all.

This time was different.

Josh let me put him in the front of the cart where he should be. Lately, he has been insisting to sit in the back of the cart. Sometimes I admittedly throw the towel in and let him, because I have to choose my battles. The groceries usually pile up around him anyways, and he chooses to sit in the appropriate seat when it becomes too much.

He was eager to help me this time. He wanted to choose the foods that he wanted me to purchase. He was making me laugh. We chatted with each other up and down each aisle.

I pulled my cart over to the meat department. I needed some good filets for my rare, fancy beef wellington dinner. I was rummaging through different options when Josh says, “Mama, I need a big hug!” I stop what I am doing and look at his beautiful face.

I rush over to give him my best hug and he says, “Mommy you’re my angel!”

Oh my. I melt.

When Josh goes to bed at night I sometimes tell him the very same thing. When I hear it come from his mouth, it fills me up with complete joy. The way he says it couldn’t be captured on paper. It was mixed with sweetness, happiness, softly spoken and positivity.

He’s so genuine and innocent. I will always remember these moments.


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