The Fire

Bitter cold

Run in the house, giddy

Impatiently turn on the fireplace

Waiting for the warmth, but already feeling it in my face

Jumping, laughing, face crimson

Cheeks warmer than anything else

Stolen glances at each other while standing on the step

Inches away from the fire

Standing there laughing, wanting warmth from the cold

Fingers brushing each other’s hands

Facing towards the fire, then jumping to turn around

Looking at his smile that travels all the way to his eyes

Feeling warmth, silliness, happiness

Hearing laughter

A moment that I think of often


One thought on “The Fire

  1. Oooohhh, Aimee, I’m so curious about this piece! I can just imagine you there, trying to warm up. Your ending made me wonder why you keep returning to this moment in your mind…. I feel like there may be more to this story…

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