Burnt Bacon

Yesterday I had the best day, on what I could have called one of the worst days. The day just did not start off in my favor.

I decided to make a delicious breakfast for my two fellas. I was going to make bacon, eggs, hash browns, pancakes. The breakfast was to taste delectable. I was supposed to feel joy and pride in ability as a Mom.

To begin with, Josh is obsessed beyond belief with bacon. When I take him out to breakfast, he consistently tells the waitress, more bacon please. So, I figured I would give it my best shot and make his bacon dreams come true.

Scott had to go to the store to pick up a few of the ingredients that I did not have. While he was gone, I began cooking the bacon. Josh was very excited about the bacon and he…

needed it now!!

I couldn’t cook it fast enough for him. His terrific threes were roaring. I gave him the bacon. It wasn’t the perfect, crispy bacon that I had imagined. It was cooked, but slightly fatty. Apparently, he realized this too, because he told me it was ocky.

I went on trying to cook more bacon, but I was interrupted again by his terrific threes. I had heard about these threes, but didn’t realize they begin right away after two. Normally, it’s not too bad, but his need for bacon was livening things up!

This time, as I was soothing him, the phone rang. Scott had gotten the wrong butter and needed my assistance. I was helping the two of them, when I smelled something funny.

Opps, I burnt the bacon. It was bad. The bacon was black and there was smoke everywhere in the kitchen. I had to open windows and doors. Things were not going as planned.

Since he couldn’t eat this batch either, I tried again. I only got it right once. The pancakes were too buttery, the hashbrowns never got made, but the eggs were okay.

With everything going on, all I could do was laugh to myself. The imperfect day ended up one of the happiest days I’ve had in awhile. I just kept laughing, because why not?


6 thoughts on “Burnt Bacon

  1. Bacon was burned but your attitude was not! The “win” in this story was your outlook. And, aren’t some days just like that. Try it all again for diner–I love breakfast for dinner!

  2. The terrific threes! That’s priceless. We all have these days. I probably have this day 2-3 times a week, repeatedly. I love that you laughed. And I love the word “ocky”

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