On One Knee

With the wedding rapidly approaching, I am taken back to December (cue Taylor Swift)…

The day I will never forget…

Back in early December, I was whisked away to a swanky hotel in downtown Chicago by my loving boyfriend. We were supposed to be going for an annual Christmas dinner that he has with his family. I was blown away when I found out we were staying in a penthouse suite for the weekend. There were views of the magnificent mile on every wall of the suite. There was a towel warmer, jacuzzi tub, multiple bathrooms and surprises by the hour from my incredible guy. I felt so Pretty Woman.

We went to Ditka’s steakhouse the first night, with all his siblings, their significant others and parents. We were standing on the top floor of the restaurant, as Mike himself strolled past us. It was the start of an unforgettable weekend.

After a fulfilling dinner at Ditka’s, his family left and we had the rest of the weekend to ourselves. I was told this was my Christmas gift from him. That night he shocked me with these mouth-watering chocolates shipped in from Chocolate Garden. It was a meaningful and personal gift because it was from a Michigan trip we went on that in the Fall. We found this little dirt road with hidden treasures down it, including that little quaint chocolate shop.

He’s so thoughtful.

 The next morning I woke up to more surprises. We began our day by hopping in a taxi and grabbing the all-important coffee. As my body started to gain its energy, we rounded the corner right into Bloomingdale’s. He led me inside to the Mario Tricoci day spa. The feeling of being pampered was relaxing, and so needed. I can’t even explain how amazing it is to be with someone who is so thoughtful and giving. A guy who is man enough to get a pedicure, manicure and massage with me. A guy who put so much thought into a weekend for the two of us. All I had to do for the weekend was enjoy every moment. I didn’t have to think. I was just Aimee.

Feeling rejuvenated, we decided to grab lunch on the way to the hotel. During our beautiful city walk, we passed the most breathtakingly gorgeous church I had ever seen. We decided to go inside and take in the views. My heart felt so light as I looked at the beautiful stained glass and vaulted ceilings. I love this part of him. I love how he’s up for anything. He’s not afraid to stop and smell the flowers. He’s easygoing and always up for things I am interested in doing.

During lunch, I noticed he wasn’t eating much. That wasn’t like him.

We went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. I was told that I might want to wear a dress. I’m glad that he prepared me. I got a beautiful black high-low lace dress. It had a sweetheart neckline, which is my favorite.

After feeling the warm water run down my back, it was time to throw on my dress and my strappy black heels. I felt so relaxed, and so “me”. I perfected my makeup and found my guy struggling with his tie. I let him finish getting ready while I waited in the other room. It was then he brought me a box. The contents made my heart drop. There was a round diamond necklace with matching earrings. Around the inner diamond were cushion shaped diamonds wrapped around. I have never in my life received a real diamond necklace or earrings. I was in a fairytale.

As the gentleman he is, he put the necklace on my neck for me. I would have been too shaky to put it on myself.

He then surprised me with my favorite bottle of wine from Cooper’s Hawk. So romantic.

 I settled down and waited until he got ready. He looked as handsome as ever in his suit, but especially with his warm smile. He called me into the room he was in and said he had one more surprise.

I was supposed to look at it and read it before I turned around.

It was an ornament. My eyes could barely see the words, because I was overcome with so much emotion from the day– from this man.

Later I learned it said, Aimee and Scott, the magnificent mile, together forever, 12/13/14, engagement  ring and many more personal words from our weekend.

I turned around and he was on one knee. He had a ring. A ring I couldn’t see, through my blurry wet eyes. I had



this was coming. I loved this man. He said some words that I am sure were the most heartfelt and thoughtful words he could muster, but again, I couldn’t hear. I knew what he was saying though. He has always been the one with the most beautiful words. He’s the most well-spoken person I have ever come across. The way he expresses himself, blows me away. I can’t compete. I wouldn’t even try.

I jumped into his arms, weak in the knees. He held me up as I said yes. Yes, a million times.

After an unforgettable moment, he led me downstairs where he had a limo waiting.

A limo

We rode around the city, calling our families and laughing. My cheeks hurt from smiling.

I was marrying this man.

We took pictures with the city as our background. I felt on top of the world.

Dinner was at the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the Hancock building.  We had a window seat, with what felt like a view of the entire world. There were rose petals scattered across the table. There was champagne and custom menus that read:


To a night we will never forget.



I never will forget this day. I never could.

Dinner ended with chocolate covered strawberries. It ended with more laughs and smiles. It ended with more pictures for our memories. It ended with the beginning of a life together.

PS- Mayyyybe I also made him crash a wedding with me later that night. I had the perfect dress.



6 thoughts on “On One Knee

  1. I think you do a fine job of expressing yourself! This is an amazing story and what an amazing couple you guys are. My favorite line: I felt so Pretty Woman. And then you managed to go and top that with such a story of love.

  2. Your story is like a fairy tale! Such a wonderful slice to have written down in detail–this is one you will share and reread as you raise a family and grow old together. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!

  3. This is a beautiful story! I think you do a pretty great job of expressing yourself! I felt like I was watching your sweet story unfold before my eyes like a movie. Congratulations!

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