It’s Open!

Every single day Josh and I pass by Chuck E. Cheese on our ride home.

Every single day he squeals with delight about his favorite place.

Every single day he says, “Oh Mommy, sorry it’s closed!”

Today it will be open! Today, we are having a little birthday party at his favorite place.

Today he will eat a cake with Mickey and all of his favorite characters on it.

Today I will get to see his face light up as he gallops (huge galloper) from game to game.

Saturday my baby will be three!

Saturday I will wonder how he came to be so big.

Saturday I will sing “Happy Birthday” to him for the 100th time this week. I love that boy!


4 thoughts on “It’s Open!

  1. I like the structure…every day, today, Saturday. I could just imagine Josh talking about Chuck E. Cheese. My youngest still asks to go there. I was expecting you to say that finally you took him, but even better – he will have his birthday there! Fun memories!
    Happy 3rd Birthday, Josh!

  2. I love how you capture his excitement along with your quick sadness about him growing up, as well as how you adore him. Enjoy your time together!

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