50 Days

50 days until I close on my house.

65 days until our wedding.

We are busy people.

The thing is, I am not complaining one bit. It feels as if everything is flowing so easily. Things are just coming together. The wedding planning is definitely stress free. Scott makes it fun.




Invitations…being sent out next week

Photographer, DJ…done

It feels like everything keeps falling into place. Am I missing something here? It feels like it should be more complicated.

Today is our home inspection and flower appointment. Tonight we are also looking for our new home. We have our fingers crossed that we will find a place we feel at home in. It seems like a lot to do, but he makes it easy. When you are doing things as a team, everything is manageable.


11 thoughts on “50 Days

  1. Congratulations! One of my guilty pleasures is watching bridal dress shows, but I have no daughters to indulge w/ me. That means my prince charming gets to watch, too. Enjoy this time in your life and all the years to come.

  2. It is SO important to be team mates and best friends in marriage. Wedding planning can be super stressful because of outside forces like relatives. But when you are able to laugh at yourselves and not take things so seriously (because most likely something will go wrong), the experience is much more pleasant.

    #1 A Wedding is a Day, A Marriage is a Lifetime.
    #2 As long as you marry that man, nothing else matters.

  3. Yes you are a great team together and you’re such a great girl and he’s a great guy and it flows together and that’s why things are so easy! I’m so glad things are great! You deserve it!

  4. Scott makes it fun. That’s the best part of this whole slice I think. The right guy and the right time making what can be an overload of work simply fun. Congrats.

  5. Aimee! I couldn’t be happier about you love story. It’s so wonderful to hear. Two great people that have found each other. You can hear through your words how wonderful you two are together.

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