7 Days


I was told I’d it would be a dream if it sold. The market is just not “there” right now.

I thought I’d try my luck and put my house on the market anyways. I really need a bigger place. It just doesn’t suit us anymore, with me getting married in a couple of months.

I thought, if I don’t get any nibbles in the next few months, I’ll try again next year. It’s not vital that I need to move. It would just help.

Day one, I had a showing. She put an offer on the house.

That was unexpected!

We couldn’t come to an agreement, but it was exciting nonetheless.

Days two through six I had multiple showings per day. It was a little exhausting cleaning and keeping out of the house with little Josh so they could get a good view of the home. We got through it though.

Day six I received my second offer. Day seven I told my home.

Just. Like. That.

It shouldn’t have sold. The comps in the area were against it. The market is not there.

It sold, so fast.

We are moving. I think everything happens for a reason. We are going to find our new home to make new memories in. A new home with sounds of joy squealing from my little Josh. A new home with bubble baths, reading and family dinner. A new home to tuck him in every night.


9 thoughts on “7 Days

  1. Wow. Big surprise for sure! So many changes in that little statement: I sold my house. I hope it’s a good experience from this moment until it’s all over and your new tuck in spot will be better than ever. You so deserve it! Great slice!

  2. Woohoo!!!! Such an exciting time! I could feel the build up in your piece- I was rooting for you to sell the entire time and so happy that this part of the moving process is done!

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