Thanksgiving Hikes

Growing up, my Dad taught me the things he knew. He didn’t know many girl things, and I am pretty “girly”. He taught me to ride dirt bikes, go karts, ride horses, go boating, hiking and fishing.

I am grateful for these times. I especially looked forward to our Thanksgiving hike every year. About 20 of us would hike out to the middle of the forest on Thanksgiving morning every year and we would make bon fires, cook and eat. I would explore with my cousins.

Depending in the weather, we would sled or skate. These memories always stick with me. I loved gathering sticks and helping my Dad cook. We had everything from tacos to soup to s’mores. Every one brought something different.

We would go on adventures and pretend to build homes out if anything in nature we could find. As we got older, we began to remember the path way out to our secret spot in the middle of the forest.

So many memories are there and are still made every year. I haven’t gone in a few years, but maybe this is the year I might head back. Maybe soon I can share with Josh my childhood tradition. He can begin some adventures of his own.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Hikes

  1. I hope you do! I can’t wait to take my son camping. I’ve only set up our tent in the backyard. Pretty lame 🙂 … We used to go to North and South Dakota and they were some of the greatest vacations of my life. You are lucky that your dad roughened ya up with the outdoors, girly girl. Builds character… and so many memories!

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