The things we do when we are 15. You look back and laugh and cringe.

Driving your best friend’s car with her as a passenger with no license or permit on the highway, or just taking drives.

Bad idea.

Borrowing your best friend’s car to visit another friend, with no license or permit.

Bad idea.

Your best friend and you telling both your parents you are going to a friend nearby, and really visiting your boyfriend in Oswego…and then getting in a big car accident and getting caught.

Bad idea.

Sleeping in the cornfields with one of your best friends while away working as a lifeguard at a summer camp, but everyone thought you were at your friend’s parents…then getting in huge trouble.

Bad idea.

Not being allowed to have a boyfriend until you are 16, but having one anyways.

Bad idea.

Sleeping over at your best friend’s house on a school night to get a project done while her parents were out of town, and literally staying up all night long. The next day at school, falling asleep in class all day.

Bad idea.

The list could go on and on of all the bad choices we make. Some of them turned out pretty funny, but you hope your own children don’t do the same. For the record, I was a pretty good kid. 😄


6 thoughts on “15

  1. Okay, love this confessional. I feel like you should follow each bad idea up with a “worth it” or “not worth it”. I has a lot of car troubles too. I applaud your candor here! Funny!

  2. I love the description of the memories… So clear and vivid in your mind, and the repetition of bad idea. Yet, the contradiction that you were actually a pretty good kid … Something I must remember as my own kids grow to be 15!

  3. Great slice! Love the structure and the idea! So many things we did as teens that were bad ideas. A good thing to remember when our kids are teens- they will do the same things.

  4. This structure is so great. The things we do help make us who we are. So as long as there weren’t friendships ruined or limbs severed…every choice was great. 😉

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