Crunchy Blanket

You used to be so comfortable. I searched for the perfect one.

I took great care and washed you with my Tide. I used fabric softener and a dryer sheet, so you’d smell so good and be extra soft.

You aren’t though. You’re crunchy.

Every time I dry you after washing, I burn you. I have to pull you apart and you are so, so crunchy.


I’ve done this so many times to you, and I just don’t understand. I tried the delicate cycle, but you are still so darn crunchy.


9 thoughts on “Crunchy Blanket

  1. I’ve never heard of a crunchy blanket. I mean, Maddie’s is crunchy but that’s because she sucks on it. Gross.

    Must be something in the material…. I dunno. But I love how you wrote this to the blanket! Funny!

  2. That’s the worst. I had a crunchy blanket. I think it was too big for the dryer and a part of it stuck to the vent and became crunchy. At least I didn’t start a fire

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