Pacey Witter

Every Wednesday night it came. It gave me chills and sent my nerves wild as the hour approached. The creek. The setting. His brown hair. The banter between characters. His whit. The love triangle. God…how I used to long for that in my own life.

Joey, Dawson, Pacey. Oh, Pacey.

They were my life for seven years. Not one show has matched it since. Yes, Gilmore Girls came in a close second…but when I think of my Dawson’s Creek…it’s like nostalgic. I can remember running, not walking down the street to my friend Rachel’s and throwing my body down in front of her TV, laying on my stomach- one hand on each of my cheeks. She KNEW not to talk until commercials. Those were my high school years. I lived for those nights.

I was madly in love with Joshua Jackson.

I used to fantasize that I’d run into him at Dominick’s while grocery shopping. Like he’d see me down an aisle and fall deeply in love with me at first sight. I literally replayed this fantasy more than several times in my mind. It never happened though.


During my college years, my love for Dawson’s Creek continued on. Now it was time to watch it with a new friend that was mutually obsessed. Rachel was now away at school. Jorie became my new partner, and we had new routines. Digiorno’s supreme pizza and root beer. Still, no talking until commercials. I got so giddy during the show. I’d scream out at the TV like men scream out at sports.

And, the ending. The ending!!! Just as I always dreamed it would end. Classic. I think it might be time to pull out my season box sets. Oh yes, I own all seven.

Thinking of heading to Dominick’s today…


10 thoughts on “Pacey Witter

  1. As soon as your title popped into my inbox I had to read it. I LOVED him. Not with the epic love you have, but he was my fave. Oh the days of Dawson. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Yes! Pacey was the perfect guy – bad boy with a good heart. I was in high school during the last season and TBS played four hours of Creek reruns every day. I would set my TV/VCR to record all four hours and then come home from school and watch all four hours. If he didn’t get the girl in the end I think it would have killed me. Season 3 is my favorite – now I might have to watch it again!

  3. I haven’t ever watched Dawson’s Creek, but I have heard of it. I have school holidays coming up, maybe I should go to the video shop and rent one of those box sets out. Great post on a great memory. 🙂

  4. I loved me some Pacey as well!!! Lived the part where you wished to run into him at the grocery store!
    PS- I watched the entire Gilmore Girls series this summer and fall in the middle if the night while I was up with Aubrey! Loved every minute!

  5. Haha. Dawson’s Creek. Who didn’t love it along with some Joshua Jackson. Maybe not as much as you though. Your ending was so great. Love that your love is not quite over yet.

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