Shopping Fail


Dear Joshua,

Mommy needed to go buy some dresses today for a shower and a wake. You are usually my best shopping partner. Not today.

Worst. Shopping. Partner. Ever.

How could I blame you though? I can’t. It had to be extremely boring for you. A two year old shouldn’t be made to stand for minutes at a time while his Mommy searched and searched the same racks repeatedly.

I was one of those Moms at the store. The one watching her son lay on the gross floor in the middle of the mall. Repeatedly. I tried juice, crackers, craisins and all your favorite things. Nothing worked. You were not having it. Everyone was watching us. I kept my patience. I understood you.

Mommy realized she needs to ask for help more often. I should have called a shopping partner or babysitter. I should have known better than that. The patience of a two year old is short. You need to be in places where you can explore and run wild. Dress shopping is not the place for you. Sorry bud! You are my favorite guy. You were pretty hilarious though.

No more shopping adventures for awhile unless we are going to ToysRus. Lesson learned.

***actual photograph from our shopping adventure…haha!!


7 thoughts on “Shopping Fail

  1. I love the format of a letter to your little guy. It seems the perfect genre to use to show how sorry you are and to let the reader really “see” how you should not have taken a 2 year old shopping for a dress!

  2. Oh man. People may look, but will find it more acceptable with a small child, but sometimes my 9 year old and I have public differences…. there is never a rock near enough to crawl under.

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