Hot Shower

Today I took a long, hot shower. So long in fact, the water became freezing in the end. It was fantastic.

I got to shave my legs without feeling like I was in competition with time.

It was so relaxing. I was taking in all of the beautiful aromas and just…relaxing for a few precious, rare moments.

I even had time to give myself a pink polished pedicure. Maybe I’ll paint my nails to match!

Feeling thankful for a moment to myself to get ready for the day. Time to put on my new dress and feel like ME!


11 thoughts on “Hot Shower

  1. Sounds like a fantastic morning! I always know I’m relaxed when I take the time to give myself a pedicure. Glad you could enjoy some “me” time today! You did a superb job communicating how restful and enjoyable your morning was.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how something so simple can feel so blessed? And isn’t it crazy how difficult it seems to find time for such simple pleasures?! Glad you made time today. Hope the rest of your day was as soothing.

  3. Wait, how did you do that? I haven’t done that in weeks. I’m jealous. This seems like such a small thing, but it’s so much more when you have little kids! I love your slices!

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