Sisters are love.

Sisters are always there for you.

Sisters are the best movie and dinner dates.

Sisters are up for anything.

Sisters keep secrets the best.

Sisters never judge each other.

Sisters understand you like no one else possibly could.

Sisters make the best aunts in the entire world.

Sisters can be themselves around each other, their true silly selves.

Sisters understand your past and present perfectly.

Sisters are the best support.

Sisters make you laugh hard.

Sisters have the best dance parties together.

Sisters are so spontaneous.

Sisters still have sleepovers when they are older and stay up talking until way too late, but no one worries about losing sleep because it is so much fun.

Sisters tell each other everything.

Sisters protect and stick up for each other.

Sisters keep their word and you can trust them with your life.

Sisters are there for you during the very hardest point in your life.

Sisters hold you when you cry.

Sisters cheer you up.

Sisters come up with the best adventures.

Sisters act crazy together.

Sisters are obsessed with Granite City brunch.

Sisters surprise you.

Sisters make you happier than anyone else possibly could.

Sisters are always just a call away, though they used to be just one bedroom away.

Sisters are my best friends in the world, and I would do anything for mine.


11 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. Enjoyed reading your entire poem. I could definitely sense the amount of love you have for your sisters. I’m blessed to have 2 sisters and your poem made me want to have a sisters night out again. 🙂

  2. Love this line: “Sisters are there for you during the very hardest point in your life.” Mine were there for me. You make me want to have a sleepover – haven’t had one of those since we started having kids.

  3. You are right on with this slice! Sisters are the best. I will be spending a week with two of them in Florida, along with two cousins who have been like sisters all these years. I’m sure we will be doing a lot of what you mentioned!

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