I Miss

I miss you leaping through the grass, looking like a bunny rabbit.

I miss your brown eyes begging for a treat.

I miss you laying on my shoulder like a little parrot.

I miss your sloppy kisses.

I miss watching Joshua interact with you.

I miss giving you belly rubs.

I miss you doing your tricks for treats.

I miss your excitement and jumping all around as I arrived home from work.

I miss taking you on walks on beautiful days.

I miss your barking at Winnie to try to get her to play.

I miss you bouncing around my car, all ready for an adventure.

I miss you clinging to me for comfort when you were nervous.

I miss you Arthur, and when I see you it breaks my heart.


10 thoughts on “I Miss

  1. Awe, so sorry! But, I am sure you feel better after writing about it. Sometimes we just need to get it out. The repetition of “I miss you(r).” It emphasizes the message.

  2. 😦 I feel your pain. “Bouncing around my car,” and “clinging for comfort,” … Pets are family members… losing them is the worst, underestimated kind of pain. I’m sorry.

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