Her Fairytale, Chapter 2

He called the very next morning. She let it go to voicemail. Again. They still had never officially talked on the phone. She loved his message. He told her his family loved her and that they had talked about her at brunch that morning. He made her feel so alive.

They started texting. Then she called him. Finally. He asked when they would be going on their second date. She hesitated. It wasn’t because she didn’t have the best time of her life with him. It was because she was terrified. She had no idea that the first date was going to leave her feeling so exhilarated. She had no idea that she would be that into him. She had no idea she would feel that way. She was guarded. She had been through a lot in the past, and didn’t know if she could open up her heart like that again.  She didn’t think there were guys out there like that. How could he be that incredible? There had to be something wrong with him…right? Well, she guessed a second date would prove her right. She would find out all of his flaws and move on…because she just wasn’t expecting a happy ending any time soon. She was sure she was destined to be an old, lonely single lady.

She made him wait a week and a half before they went out again. It wasn’t a terribly long time, but it was long enough for her to think and get to know him better. They had finally started talking on the phone more, even with her nervous hesitations.

She didn’t let him pick her up, even though he offered numerous times. She didn’t want him to know where she lived. She knew he could find out easily, since he is a police officer, but she pretended to be mysterious anyways.

They met in the parking lot of a steakhouse. It was a sunny, gorgeous Autumn evening.  She wore a black and white polka dot dress, with a black cardigan that she got from White House Black Market. He still brings that dress up in conversation often. It makes her get goose bumps when he talks about that day, and the fact that he remembers that dress . She had tried on so many outfits until she found the perfect one. Her credit card was going to detest her soon.

He was already there waiting in his Jeep.  He popped out of his car and headed towards her. He looked handsome. He had on a striped, blue button down shirt. The cologne he had on smelled virile. It was a scent she will never forget. It is ingrained in her memory. When she saw him, she could not contain the attraction she felt towards him. She couldn’t control her nerves again. She couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.

She didn’t want to.

Every feeling she’d had of pushing him away disappeared the moment she say him again. At least for that very moment.

They had the most delicious dinner, though she hardly ate. So cliché, right? Her stomach was in butterflies still. She remembers hearing so many good songs playing lightly in the background, and how he kept mentioning how much he loved certain ones.  He likes country music.  She couldn’t take her eyes off his smile. He told her so much more about himself, and she shared many things too. The conversation flowed as smoothly as the first time. He told her where he stood. He said he didn’t want to date anyone else. This thrilled her, as much as it terrified her.  Could she allow herself to be so vulnerable?

She couldn’t find the red flags that she was looking for. And, boy, did she look. She didn’t know why she wanted to find something so badly. She just wasn’t sure if she believed that guys could really be that great. She didn’t believe that she could trust again. She didn’t believe that guys were worth trusting. So, she still kept her guard up. Big wall. He saw it too, because every time they would make plans for the future she would end it in, “maybe”. She would say, “I like you… maybe” and nervously laugh. She could never end a sentence with it just being what it was. He understood her though, and he was patient. It was on ongoing joke between the two of them. He would always laugh and say, “Are you going to say maybe?”

After the extraordinary date, they went back out by her car. It was the big test. Was he as mind-blowing of a kisser as she had remembered? She thought it was one of those kisses that only happen in movies. She must have been dreaming it all up.


She was right. They really did have that much chemistry. She left there smiling, just as she had arrived. She left knowing there would be a third date. She knew, and she couldn’t wait. She would keep looking for that red flag, but in the meanwhile she would enjoy the absolutely incredible times they were having. She drove home smiling and listening to Taylor Swift. The song, Everything Has Changed reminded her of him. She played it on repeat the whole drive home as she giggled to herself. She got home and told her friend every.single.detail. Her friend laughed and said, “Oh, so you didn’t find anything wrong with him?” She knew very well of her hesitations and worries.

It was an unforgettable second date. He called her again that night to tell her how much fun he had. He told her again how much he loved her dress. She had the best date ever.



14 thoughts on “Her Fairytale, Chapter 2

  1. I love this.
    Thanks for being transparent.
    Your feelings of being guarded and not letting him pick you up because you were not sure if you wanted him to know you address…………………..THAT was me too!

  2. Yay for Chapter 2!!! I was seriously looking forward to this and it does not disappoint. Again, the point of view is amazing and your ability to allow us as the reader to have the insight to your story is inspiring. I want to save this one.

  3. I love reading about the fairytale, so recent, so fresh, so many emotions so well described. I like the weaving of the red flag throughout. Such a real feeling, but I’m glad you haven’t found anything. 🙂

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