You make me laugh so hard. Sometimes I kick my feet because I can’t control the laughter. My face hurts from smiling.

You’re always up for anything. You’re never afraid to tell anyone how you feel about me. You text me across the room. You embarrass me by telling your entire family that you love me…out front of everyone. You love to see my face flushed.

You pull my chair closer when we are out at a restaurant. You whisper things in my ear. You communicate about everything.

Your smile shows your dimples. You listen when I talk. Nothing gets past you. You’re crazy intelligent. You are kind. You’re thoughtful. You are respectful.

You told me you wish you could go back in time to the day we met and relive it over and over again. I never forget the things you say.

You dance with me everywhere. Once you danced with me at a store. Once in front of my mom. But, always in my kitchen. Sometimes with music, sometimes not.

You remodeled my kitchen. You fix all my broken things. You take care of me.

You are clumsy and you fall a lot. This makes me laugh so hard my insides hurt.

You laugh when I’m silly. I laugh because you’re hilarious. You build me lofts. I never knew I could find a best friend like you.


7 thoughts on “You

  1. This was lovely. I enjoyed the second person pov – I like when that’s used well. Looks like your italics got stubborn after “you communicate about everything.”

    I keep rereading the pairing of “You fix all my broken things,” and “You take care of me.” The relationship between these statements, throughout most of this piece, is downright poetic.

  2. your voice truly shines in this slice! not going to lie, I thought I was going to read about Joshua for a second because of the clever way you referred to “you” but I love that it was about your man— this is how it should be! so happy for you!

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