Luck O’ The Irish

I was born into this world an O’Brien

Luck O’ The Irish

I almost overslept this morning, but my loud furnace woke me up

Luck O’ The Irish

I left both of my interior lights on in my car last night, but my car started!!

Luck O’ The Irish

A cop spied me speeding pretty fast this morning, but didn’t pull me over

Luck O’ The Irish

An old Billy Idol song had me singing loudly in my car and dancing for Josh this morning

Luck O’ The Irish

I forgot my coffee this morning, but I have the energy of a Weimaraner puppy anyways

Luck O’ The Irish

Every time I pass Colin’s gym, he is playing the best music today

Luck O’ The Irish

A student told me today, “I think you look beautifuller than Cinderella.” (That really happened!!)

Luck O’ The Irish

I saw my best friend down the hall (this never happens) and she told me she loves me

Luck O’ The Irish

Megan’s student tied her leg tightly together with shoe string, and I was able to save the day

Luck O’ The Irish

One of my best friends invited me over for corned beef tonight and Josh gets to meet her baby

Luck O’ The Irish


8 thoughts on “Luck O’ The Irish

  1. I love the tiny moments, ones that would be so easy to let slip by that you were certain to make note of today – have a great rest of your day!

  2. Why didn’t I think of this?? With a last name of Murphy, you’d think I’d be quicker to craft something like this! I love it – super fun to read with a lot of little glimpses into your day! Really well done!

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