Blink 182

I jumped in the car after dropping Josh off at daycare, and the perfect song was on the radio. A blink 182 song from back in the day. (Dam* It…to be exact) I turned the knob on my volume WAYYY up. Until that very moment that the song came on I was tired.

So tired.

I rolled down the windows. I let the sun shine in my face. 40-something degrees…whoohoo! Positive thoughts and feelings paraded through me.

I sang my little heart out. This was my jam! I Snapchatted myself singing the song to multiple friends.

Yes, I am 14.

Memories flooded through my mind. I thought of Nancy. This was our song. I remembered how we would drive around and sing this song laughing, without one care in the world. High school memories came back, and I was just so, so happy. Nancy and I used to sing so boisterously in the car, windows down and smiles wide. We would do hysterical dances at every red light. We never cared who was watching.

I am not going to lie, we have done it in our adult lives too. Who wants to grow up? Not us. I am thinking we need a girl’s date soon just for this purpose. I am in need of some Nancy fun.

Did you ever realize how a song can bring so much joy to your day? It can completely change your mood and hype you up. A song can completely take you back in time, and change your state of mind.

I pulled into the parking lot of work, and I thought I’ve got this. It’s going to be the best day ever.


8 thoughts on “Blink 182

  1. You have to read my post from last night. It’s so funny how our stories and topics all sort of cross paths here. It’s constantly happening! What a great post for Friday. Need this! 🙂

  2. Songs always do this to me too! Really nice slice. Yes, you have to see Brighid’s BLINK family photo from last night. It’s hilarious… I love that you Snapchatted yourself and then referred to yourself as 14. We are all 14 year old snapchatters. My son and brother in law have snapchat contest to each other all the time. It’s a game they play and it’s just fun and funny. I like “Nancy Funny”. That’s such a nice thing to say about a friend. I love your posts!

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