If I Won the Lottery

What would I do if I won the lottery?! Isn’t that a bewildering thing to think about? Sometimes it does one well to dwell in dreams. You just never know what might happen.

While I am dreaming, I am going to dream big. I am thinking I won a $500,000,000 pot.

Here’s a list of what I’d do in no particular order:

Assemble a team of financial advisers

I’d donate money to multiple causes

Buy a home on the ocean in Hawaii

Buy my Mom her dream home

Pay off my house

Pay off my student loans

Set up an account for Joshua’s college and future

Travel the world with my family and friends

Give money to all my loved ones

Take people on adventures

Complete my bucket list

Help other’s complete their bucket lists

Buy a bigger home with secret passages

Make people’s dream’s come true

Randomly surprise people like Oprah did- You get a car, you get a car, you get a car!!

Volunteer a ton

Give my friends purses/wallets with a check in each of them

Same with my family

Change lives- help as many people as I can

Open a bakery

Make people happy

Share my passion for reading by buying books for kids and adults by the bulk

Hire an entourage…a personal trainer, chef, nutritionist, housekeeper, personal assistant…

Take the time to learn new things I have always wanted to…like play guitar, piano, become a master chef, singing lessons, learn a new language…SO many things I want to learn

I am short on time today, so this list definitely lacks specifics.


4 thoughts on “If I Won the Lottery

  1. This list could go on indefinitely. I like they you took a what if and made it your own; house with secret passages is awesome. You’re funny with the little details you throw in here and there.

  2. Fun to think about. Like your entourage…I would love those people in my life too! 🙂 Your generosity is evident in this piece. I had to complete this same exercise in a workshop a few weeks ago and I had many of the same things on my list.

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