Things I wish I’d know before becoming a Mom…

It comes naturally.

Your Doctor doesn’t know all of the answers like you do, and isn’t always right. Sometimes you need to use your own instincts.

It is okay to heat up bottles in the microwave for just a few seconds. You don’t have to heat them up forever in a super hot water bowl.

Let people babysit! Enjoy yourself when you are out. GO OUT! Do something. You deserve it.

Get out with your baby. Go to the store. Go on a walk. Get out of the house way quicker than you did last time. You don’t have to be that cautious, silly!

You can’t control everything. Let your mom drive your baby somewhere if she would like to. She had 6 children. I think she knows what she’s doing. Next time, don’t make her wait until his first birthday to have her first experience driving him somewhere. (Really, Aimee?!!)

On the other hand, learn to say no. If you don’t want your parents to give your baby Karo Syrup, be firm about it. If you don’t believe it in, you know best. It’s your baby.

In the hospital, sleep. Everything will be okay with your baby. Ask for help if you need it. Get all of the guidance you can while you are there. Ask questions. Learn.

It is okay if you can’t breast feed. It is okay to supplement. It is okay to do either or a mixture of both. Your baby will turn out the same either way. It’s okay.

You’ll hear a lot of, “When I was a Mom/Dad (from grandparents) we did ____ (ex: let our baby lay on his tummy) and my baby turned out just fine.” Just let them tell their stories. I am sure you will do the same things to your kids one day.

Don’t buy too many newborn size clothes.

You might feel emotional and cry for a couple days after leaving the hospital for no particular reason, but it will pass. Why doesn’t anyone tell you this? Dang hormones.

It was nice having the baby room all set up before he arrived home.

Enjoy your baby, because before you know it, he will no longer be a baby.

Oh, and don’t buy boogie wipes. You will never use them.


9 thoughts on “Things I wish I’d know before becoming a Mom…

  1. This was such a perfect list…I wish I had known them all! I did things differently with child 3 and 4 because I DID know some of these things! Great list, it gave me a chuckle today.

  2. A great reflection on what you thought you knew and what you now, better know. It’s hard being a first time mom…but sounds like you had no problem learning! 🙂

  3. Aimee I always said I wanted to write a book about the things people don’t tell you before you become a parent. Especially the crying and hormones part, and the get as much sleep as you can part!

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