**WARNING!!! TMI!!!** Okay, I warned you.

Splish Splash he was taking a bath…Oh! on a Tuesday night. Scrubba Dub Dub he was splashing in the tub…

“Mommy, poop!”

Oh! Ohhhhhh…..

I tossed him on the toilet! This was it! His big moment.


Back in the tub he went.

“Mommy, poop!”

Back on the toilet. Scrunched face. Lots of pushing!! Success. Twice! 

Having no one else to share this moment with, I took a picture of it (yes, I really did that) and sent it to his aunts and my Mom. The comments started flowing in.

“Aimee, ewwww.” “I am very proud of my grandson’s first poop!” “What a beautiful turrrrdddd.” “Looks like a big boy turd.” 

I was one proud Momma. Back in the tub he went!

“Mommy, poop!”

I look in the tub. He did it again. Twice more. The comments started flowing in.

“You probably cheered so hard the first time, he wanted to impress you.” “Double Eww.” “Mmmhh poop.” “Oh my!”

I love my family. 

Thanks Josh.


13 thoughts on “Poop

  1. This is awesome. I love your format and inclusion of responses from family via text. Hilarious. My mom taped a picture of my little brother’s first poop in his baby book, if that makes you feel any better.

  2. I cringed just before clicking your link. And you wrote my face out of that contorted fear as I whispered to myself, “This is going to be bad, this is going to be bad, this is going to be bad..” but it turned out to be adorable. Somehow.

    However…that doesn’t mean the picture should make any more appearances!

  3. This is hilarious! Those are such proud moments for both mom and child. I remember putting my children in warm baths when they couldn’t go. I had heard this stimulated them. That is why so many children do this in the bathtub. Something to remember when/if you are potty training!

  4. No TMI spoiler alert needed for me but I’m immune and love that you did that. This is a great slice and just goes to show what our big moments are these days! Poops on toilets is a HUGE accomplishment! Kudos kid!

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