Her Fairytale

Once Upon A Time…

There was a girl, well… a woman, who was starting over. She had dabbled back into the dating scene. It had been years. She was not impressed, and was completely terrified about her future if her first dates were any indication. These men did not interest her.

But, she didn’t give up.

She tried again. It was Autumn. Her favorite time of year. She was asked to be a date to a wedding. They hadn’t met yet- or spoken on the phone because she was a chicken and sort of skeptical about men. They communicated through text, email and mutual friends. He had left her voicemails though, and she knew what his voice sounded like. It sounded strong and confident and masculine. She liked it.

She went shopping for the perfect dress. It was his brother’s wedding and he was an usher. This didn’t really enter her mind until she pulled into the parking lot of the reception hall. She was just trying to not think for once, and just go for it

Wait. A. Minute.

This was his brother’s wedding…

His entire family would be there. She would be meeting his parents…on their first date! Her heart started pounding quite a bit, because who did this girl think she was?! She never did anything like this. This took guts. Major guts. This wasn’t something she would normally do. She was about to meet someone she never met before, as well as hundreds of other people, and whoa…just whoa! So, she literally told herself to take a deep breathe. She got out of her car and they met.

He. Was. Handsome.

He had a tux on for his first date. He brought her flowers. Not just any kind of flowers, but an autumn arrangement. He knew that her favorite season was Fall. They had texted about it.

They hugged, and he finally heard her voice. Butterflies, she had major butterflies. They talked briefly, and then went in to meet everyone. A friend of his came and broke the ice with humor. He tried to make his friend completely uncomfortable by asking where they met, or if it was a date….knowing the truth all the while. It made her laugh.

They had their first pictures taken within ten minutes of meeting each other. He was a complete gentlemen, down to the core. She knew it right away. He had been out taking pictures with the wedding party for the entire day, but had yet to have a drink because he knew he would be meeting her. He didn’t want to make a bad impression.

They toured the reception hall.  He led her to their table. The entire night, everywhere he led her, he held his hand on her lower back. He opened every door. He went to go be “announced”, and she watched him as he danced in. He came back to the table with his eyes on her. As he sat down, he leaned back behind her ear and whispered words into her ear.

He said, “You are the most breathtakingly beautiful woman in this room.” Her nerves could not be controlled. The butterflies were back. Or had they ever left? She didn’t know what to say, so she smiled.

He was one of those rare people that left her speechless.

His brother’s fiancé asked her to go to the bathroom with her, like girls do. They were in there laughing and talking. The fiancé asked her if she could hand her the hair spray. The girl on the date handed her a bottle that said aerosol.

Opps. It was deodorant. She let her spray her hair with deodorant. The girl on the date messed up. She was so embarrassed, but luckily the girl laughed it off. She did make sure to tell everyone the story though.

Thank goodness he had a sense of humor. He thought she was funny. He made her feel so special. He laughed at her jokes. He made her feel beautiful.  

They ate and danced and the conversation flowed so smoothly. He was so easy to talk to. The best conversationalist, hands down, that she had met. He got tears in his eyes as he watched his mom dance with his brother. He was romantic and funny and genuine. He had this confidence and mannerism about him that she had never seen in a guy before. It was so attractive.

He had dimples when he smiled, and he smiled a lot. She liked that. She liked seeing someone so happy.

He made her feel like the only woman in the room. The entire night was like her own personal fairytale. Were guys like this really real?

My goodness, the things he said to her. She could barely wrap her mind around the words he spoke. When he talked to her, he looked straight into her eyes. She had to look away sometimes because she was not used to it.

It was the perfect first date.

Neither one of them wanted the night to end, but of course it had to. It might have ended with the most stomach dropping, nerves-gone- crazy, best kiss of her life~ but she will never tell.

The story continues on. I’ve heard word that in real life he more than lived up to who he was on their first date. He is her very own prince charming.

Hopefully one day she will be able to tell this story, because their story is definitely a story worth telling.



22 thoughts on “Her Fairytale

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the perspective you decided to tell this story from. What a fun little twist on things… it’s funny how sometimes life works for us when we least expect it to 🙂

  2. I LOVE THIS PIECE! absolutely my favorite piece from you to date because this comes from the heart—- I felt like I was reading a novel and I wanted the story to continue…even though I know how the story will unfold in real life!

  3. Simply beautiful. I agree with all the other comments. I want this to be chapter one of the best novel ever. So I hope that this was Chapter One of the best love story ever! I was silently cheering (you) on!

  4. Aimee this made me tear up…he sounds like such a complete perfect gentleman. I love how you ended it because this really does sound like a story worth telling over and over and over!

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