The Letter In My Purse

I keep a letter in my purse. I carry it with me wherever I go. It is a reminder that someone believes in me.

I think about the day I received the letter. I was at work, and it was sitting in my mailbox. It had my name on it. I took it back to my classroom to read it after the students were gone for the day. I was pretty excited to read it, because letters are rare these days. I read it, and read it again.

And again, and again. For days.

It was so unexpected. It was encouraging and empowering and it made me cry (and I really don’t do that enough).

I had finally started opening up to people about what was happening in my life, and at that moment realized how important it was to do that. We need each other for support. I wished I had opened up sooner. I can really be a leaky faucet when it comes to my heart. I am guarded. You wouldn’t think it, but I am.

“I promise he’s going to be JUST FINE (and so will you). He’s going to adjust and be wonderfully happy.” ~referring to my Joshua

“I just wanted to tell you, as a colleague, that your patience and demeanor and attitude with your students is INSPIRING!”

When I read this letter, I felt special. I wanted to be the girl she wrote about. I wanted to be JUST FINE. I wanted to be the patient girl with the positive attitude that she saw through her eyes. Did she really believe those things about me? Either way, I believed in myself more and more every time I read it.

I think now, how important it is to communicate to people these kinds of things that we are thinking. We think they might know, but sometimes THEY DON’T. Sometimes we really need to hear these things. Sometimes we need to feel special.

Maybe she doesn’t even know what a big impact she made on me. She may have thought it was something small. This act of kindness meant a lot to me. It was appreciated more than I can say. It was a piece of my healing. I needed these pieces to put myself back together.

Thank you Dana. You are inspirational and selfless and you really truly made me feel special in a time when I doubted myself.


20 thoughts on “The Letter In My Purse

  1. What a special letter! You unfolded the story so well. I found myself feeling what you felt when you read it. Also a great reminder to let the people around us know what we see, as often as we can.

  2. I can see why you keep that letter in your purse! What a great way to give you some words of encouragement. Thanks for the good reminder to us all to tell others when we think positive things about them! It can be so easy to let those thoughts leave our mind as quickly as they entered, but imagine how encouraging we could be to others if we took the time to write some of those thoughts down and share them!

  3. Well, now I’m crying.

    That is exactly who I see when I look at you. Every day. Never waivers. Patient, kind, positive, and moving forward. I meant every word of that letter. Every. Word.

    And, come on…. Joshua?? JUST FINE. A little head over heels for my Katie, but otherwise…. totally fine. 🙂

    This Slice means the world to me, Aimee. I think I’ll print it and put it in MY purse!

  4. I’m thinking about the things I carry. Notes from students tucked into my planner, folded into my wallet. I went through phases of throwing away things like this, scattering the beautiful words people gave me because I didn’t feel worthy of them. It’s not exactly regret, what I feel now. But I’m glad I’ve learned to appreciate the things and words that help me become who I am, and who I want to be. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. I have read the last three posts and I’m loving your blog! Carrying around that letter in your purse is a great idea. I love that. It’s like carrying that person around with you and she’s there whenever you need a friend. Thank you for sharing and I am adding you to my Feedly!! Loving your blog!

  6. Aimee. I just like you so much. I think you are so great. I remember watching you when you first started at Kolmar and the way you looked and talked to your students was always with such love. You have a deep heart and you’re always just so kind. This slice just shows what an appreciative person you are. I love how you said you wanted to be the person she described in the letter. Don’t doubt yourself. You totally are.

  7. Aimee, this is so sweet! You are such a kind and welcoming person. I love how open you are here. It’s totally apparent that you adore your son and you are one of those people who when you smile, it’s contagious. Really 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Brittany, thank you SO much! I am becoming pretty open with these slices, and am enjoying doing this. I am finally getting to replying to these amazing comments. I read them every day, and really truly appreciate them. Thank you!!

  8. You ARE that person, Aimee! I am so glad I have this chance to get to know you this year. Sometimes, I watch you with your lively group of kindergarteners and am totally amazed at your patience with all of them. Patience with a smile! And, by the way, I love this slice. My prediction about the writer of the letter was correct! I love when that happens. 🙂

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